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NS All Access (12 bonus sites)

NS All Access

Site Synopsis: NS All Access is a network of sites that gives you access to 14 different sites for one monthly membership fee and with one username and password. The content here is hardcore porn and includes the sites New Sensations, Jizz Bomb, Squirting 101, Mr Biggz, Lil Latinas, Screamin O, Butt Divers, Papa Loads, Nacho's Killer Pussy, Four Finger Club, Heavy Handfuls, POV Fantasy, 2 Dicks 1 Chick, Internal Violations - as well as some other bonus content.



of 100

Video :88.4
Photo :91.1
E! :88.9
BFYB :90.5

IMPORTANT! Info you should know before joining NS All Access

Download Limit: There is no download limit.  -   Popup Windows: None.

  • Easy to cancel membership
  • Great customer service
  • No problems found

To cancel your membership, click here.
To cancel through Epoch, click here or call 800-893-8871, outside US 310-827-9939.
To cancel through CCBill, click here or call 888-596-9279.

Specs for NS All Access

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Site: NS All Access

Affiliate Program: NS Cash

Date Reviewed: May 26, 2013

Primary Niche: Hardcore

Secondary: Porn Stars

Our Score: 89.7 of 100


Photo Count (approximate):
4,320 photo sets with an average of 121 pics in each set. Total count approx~ 523,521 in the entire members area.

Image Size:

Medium - 801px (11.13in.) to 1200px (16.67in.)
Small - 800px (11.11in.) or less

Image Quality: High and Medium

Download ZIP file option: YES


Video Count:
4,320 videos with an average running time of about 26mins per movie.

Format Data RateSize Downloads?
MPEG-4 (.mp4) 1610 kbits 640x426 Yes
Windows (.wmv) Unknown 480x259 Yes
Windows (.wmv) Unknown 480x360 Yes
Windows (.wmv) Unknown 512x288 Yes
Windows (.wmv) Unknown 640x480 Yes
Windows (.wmv) Unknown 888x480 Yes
Windows (.wmv) Unknown 1024x576 Yes
  • New Updates: 3 to 4 Times a Week
  • Exclusive Content: 100% Exclusive Content
  • 3rd Party Content: Live Cams, Store, VOD, and Personals
  • Other Extras: Bonus Sites, Rating / Voting, and Search Options
  • Included with Membership: 12 other sites

3 Day Trial: $4.95 - Recurs @ $29.95 Limited Access.

Monthly: $29.95 - Recurs @ $29.95

60 Days: $39.95 - Recurs @ $39.95

3 Months: $54.95 - Recurs @ $54.95

6 Months: $74.95 - Recurs @ $74.95

Payment Options:
Credit Card, ACH (Online Check), and 900 Number

NS All Access Review & Scoring

To get a better understanding of how our scoring system works, plus tips on how to use our scoring options click here.

Video Score # 403 Video Site
Quality : 17.4 of 20
Quantity : 18.0 of 20
Frequency : 13.0 of 15
Format/Sizes : 12.5 of 15
Exclusivity : 10.0 of 10
Downloadability : 9.5 of 10
Streaming : 8.0 of 10
Sub-Total : 88.4 of 100


  • All NS All Access videos are available to download.
  • Shot video is professional and great to watch.
  • Quantity of videos available to watch is immense at NS All Access.


  • No video is in full or even partial HD format.
  • All video is in .wmv format making it less compatible with some mobile devices and computers.
  • Some older video is only available for download in a segmented version.
  • Only the segmented video is available to watch online through your browser standard viewer, otherwise there is no online viewing option.
Photo Score # 123 Photo Site
Quality : 18.0 of 20
Quantity : 18.0 of 20
Frequency : 13.0 of 15
Sizes : 12.0 of 15
Exclusivity : 15.0 of 15
Downloadability : 15.0 of 15
Sub-Total : 91.1 of 100


  • All photo sets are available for download in .zip form.
  • Many Scenes include both professional photos sets along with a screenshot progression.


  • No specific online viewer is provided to be able to move through the photos easily.
  • Thumbnails are cropped for site layout and a little small making it difficult to see what the photo might be.
Entertainment Score # 185 E! Site
Performance : 22.5 of 25
Execution : 22.5 of 25
Originality : 18.0 of 20
Navigation/Search : 17.4 of 20
Design : 8.5 of 10
Sub-Total : 88.9 of 100


  • NS All Access has a great amount of content spread over all the sites for you to choose from.
  • The models that NS All Access uses are some of the best in the industry and also some beautiful newcomers.


  • There are no user features such as commenting or favorites at NS All Access.
  • Thumbnail images for the scenes throughout the network sites are very small which do not allow you to really see the woman in the scene.
  • There is no model directory at and of the NS All Access Sites making it hard to access a certain model.
  • NS All Access does not offer a comprehensive listing of scenes for all of its sites.
Bang for your Buck # 189 BFYB Site
Overall Value : 90.5 of 100


  • Many sites are included with your NS All Access Pass membership.
  • Each site contains a significant amount of content and it appears that most are continually updated.


  • The monthly cost of membership is a bit above average when compared with other network sites.
  • Membership Options
  • 3 Day Trial: $4.95 - Recurs @ $29.95 Limited Access.
  • Monthly: $29.95 - Recurs @ $29.95
  • 60 Days: $39.95 - Recurs @ $39.95
  • 3 Months: $54.95 - Recurs @ $54.95
  • 6 Months: $74.95 - Recurs @ $74.95
NS All Access Final Score
Learn more about our scoring system here. # 170 Overall Site
Video Content: (weight = 25% of score) 22.10 of 25
Photo Content: ( weight = 25% of score) 22.76 of 25
Entertainment Value: ( weight = 25% of score) 22.23 of 25
Bang for your buck: ( weight = 25% of score) 22.63 of 25
Total: 89.7 of 100
NS All Access



of 100

Our Opinion

NS All Access is the main network portal for the New Sensation brand sites. These sites range in the style from standard style hardcore to more fetish style multiple insertion fucking and huge black cock or monster dildo play. NS All Access gives you full access to a variety of sites that currently number fourteen. Within NS All Access you are able to directly choose which site you wish to enter for content. Unlike other networks that have a combined access point for listing all of the content across all sites NS All Access keeps each site pretty much completely separated from the next which helps alleviate scenes showing up in multiple places. I did find that there was a little cross content between New Sensations and Jizz Bomb, which are the two larger sites in the NS All Access network. This cross scene implementation does not seem to be common but it was found.

From visiting each sub-site within the network it does appear that there is a significant amount of updating happening across all of the sites within the network. Granted some of the internal sites do get updated more often than others but there is enough activity going on that makes for a good amount of new content that is added every week. The interface that is provided by NS All Access is consistent over all of the sites and is pretty easy to deal with. New Sensations does have some dated design methodology which tends to make it feel older than it might actually be. This feeling has a lot to do with the method in which the navigation is displayed down the left hand side of the page. You can get to everywhere that you want but the text only navigation rather than visual style as many sites does make it have an old school feel.

From the main pages it is very easy to get to all of the content. You can do this through the thumbnails for each scene at the bottom of the page along with the several page links to provide you with access to the rest of the scenes for the site. The thumbnails are pretty small but they also include information about what type of content is provided by the update as well as the title, length and level of content that is provided. This makes it very easy to get what you want as you can quickly see whether the update has movies, photos, or screenshots and the length of the video that is are provided. 

When clicking on an update you will be taken initially to the photos or in some cases the video portion of the update. If you are not where you want to be when you get there you can get to any of the other content type options through the links provided just below the description for the scene. In this area you are also provided with the links to be able to download the full photo or screenshot sets and the full-length video for the scene if it is available. 

Viewing content online is easy but it is very basic. The sites are mainly set up for you to download the content and view by your own methods. When selecting a photo to view it is opened as the image file into a new window. Basic, simple and easy but also has no extras to make viewing easier. As for the video you can only view the segmented options online and even at that they all use the browser standard interface. Again this is easy to use but not much in the way of options or ability to adjust anything regarding the scenes. 

Overall, with the amount of content that is provided to you there is not really much that can go wrong. The content is good and the models that range from professional to amateur are excellent in their look and what they do. Each site does follow it’s own genre and gives a good amount of content for the money. The user interface is a little spotty especially in the online viewing of the scenes and photo sets and there is a fair deal of advertising but that is not terribly obtrusive. It is all quite good with some items that might be considered out of date. What it really comes down to is if you mind downloading your content to view or not. If you don’t mind, NS All Access is a very good site, if you do mind and watch most stuff online, then you might be better off looking elsewhere even though you would be missing some quality content. Enter NS All Access.

Site review by: Brion

Bonus Sites you get with NS All Access

You get 12 sites when you join NS All Access

    • Jizz Bomb 88.5
    • Primary Niche: Cum Shots
    • Review Date: September 19, 2014
    • Membership Options:
    • 3 Day Trial: $4.95 - Recurs @ $24.95
    • Monthly: $14.95 - Recurs @ $14.95
    • Monthly: $34.95
    • » Read the full review
    • New Sensations 90.1
    • Primary Niche: Porn Stars
    • Review Date: March 15, 2015
    • Membership Options:
    • 3 Day Trial: $4.95 - Recurs @ $29.95
    • Monthly: $29.95 - Recurs @ $29.95
    • 3 Months: $54.75
    • Annually: $120.00
    • » Read the full review
    • Nacho's Killer Pussy 86.4
    • Primary Niche: Hardcore
    • Review Date: December 10, 2012
    • Membership Options:
    • 3 Day Trial: $4.95 - Recurs @ $24.95
    • Monthly: $24.95 - Recurs @ $24.95
    • Monthly: $34.95
    • 60 Days: $39.95 - Recurs @ $39.95
    • 3 Months: $54.95 - Recurs @ $54.95
    • 6 Months: $74.95
    • » Read the full review

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