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Euro Babe Facials (3 bonus sites)

Euro Babe Facials

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Site Synopsis: Eurobabefacials is dedicated to the gorgeous european girls who all share a love for a big facial. We strive to bring you only the best facials around, we currently update twice a month and will soon to be increasing this to a weekly update schedule. With HQ pictures, multiple video formats , and some well known bonus sites thrown in for free then you would be crazy to not give this one a go. Come give one of our girls a facial right now. KellyFind users will be offered a discounted membership cost.



of 100

Video :87.2
Photo :88.8
E! :87.6
BFYB :84.5

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Specs for Euro Babe Facials

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Site: Euro Babe Facials

Affiliate Program: Puffy Cash

Date Reviewed: June 7, 2016

Primary Niche: Facials

Secondary: Cum Shots, European Girls

Our Score: 87.0 of 100


Photo Count (approximate):
44 photo sets with an average of 147 pics in each set. Total count approx~ 6,500 in the entire members area.

Image Size:

Extra Large - 1801px (25.01in.) or more
Large - 1201px (16.68in.) to 1800px (25in.)
Medium - 801px (11.13in.) to 1200px (16.67in.)

Image Quality: High

Download ZIP file option: YES


Video Count:
44 videos with an average running time of about 20mins per movie.

Format Data RateSize Downloads?
Flash Unknown 1920x1080 No
MPEG-4 (.mp4) 5011 kbits 1920x1080 Yes
  • New Updates: Site Doesn't Get Updates Anymore.
  • Exclusive Content: 100% Exclusive Content
  • 3rd Party Content: Live Feeds
  • Other Extras: Bonus Sites, Search Options, Social Media Connections, Commenting, Rating / Voting, and Favorites
  • Included with Membership: 3 other sites
  • Site Launch Date: April 2013

Save 33% $29.95 - Recurs @ $29.95   Our price $19.95 - Recurs @ $19.95

90 Days:
$69.95 - Recurs @ $69.95

180 Days:
$99.00 - Non recurring.

Payment Options:
Credit Card

Euro Babe Facials Review & Scoring

To get a better understanding of how our scoring system works, plus tips on how to use our scoring options click here.

Video Score # 580 Video Site
Quality : 18.0 of 20
Quantity : 16.4 of 20
Frequency : 12.0 of 15
Format/Sizes : 13.0 of 15
Exclusivity : 10.0 of 10
Downloadability : 8.7 of 10
Streaming : 9.0 of 10
Sub-Total : 87.2 of 100


  • All videos are available in great looking HD quality.
  • There are multiple options for downloading videos.
  • This site also offers a great looking streaming version.


  • Euro Babe Facials hasn't added any new videos since 2015.
  • This site is left with a pretty small collection of videos.
Photo Score # 374 Photo Site
Quality : 18.4 of 20
Quantity : 16.4 of 20
Frequency : 12.0 of 15
Sizes : 14.0 of 15
Exclusivity : 15.0 of 15
Downloadability : 13.0 of 15
Sub-Total : 88.8 of 100


  • The high res photos look great, they are very big as well.
  • I was glad to see multiple photo viewing options, including an auto playing slideshow.
  • There are 2 downloadable zip file version.


  • It's been almost a year since any new photo sets have been added.
  • Overall there's just a small collection of photos.
  • For the best looking images, you will need to download the high res zip file.
Entertainment Score # 446 E! Site
Performance : 22.8 of 25
Execution : 21.5 of 25
Originality : 17.2 of 20
Navigation/Search : 17.4 of 20
Design : 8.7 of 10
Sub-Total : 87.6 of 100


  • Fans of facials should love seeing these cute girls get splattered.
  • I was glad to see some very useful navigation tools.
  • The design of the site is clean and easy to get around.


  • There was only a small sample size to really judge entertainment.
  • Although not too distracting, there are some ads in the members area.
Bang for your Buck # 734 BFYB Site
Overall Value : 84.5 of 100


  • We are able to offer our KellyFind users a discounted membership cost.
  • Members will have access to several other network sites.


  • Unfortunately this site hasn't added any new scenes for almost a year.
  • The final content numbers for this site are not that great.
  • Membership Options
  • Monthly: $29.95 - Recurs @ $29.95

    Our price $19.95 - Recurs @ $19.95

  • 90 Days: $69.95 - Recurs @ $69.95
  • 180 Days: $99.00 Non recurring.
Euro Babe Facials Final Score
Learn more about our scoring system here. # 551 Overall Site
Video Content: (weight = 25% of score) 21.79 of 25
Photo Content: ( weight = 25% of score) 22.20 of 25
Entertainment Value: ( weight = 25% of score) 21.89 of 25
Bang for your buck: ( weight = 25% of score) 21.13 of 25
Total: 87.0 of 100
Euro Babe Facials



of 100

Our Opinion

Let’s face it, some combinations just always seem to be a perfect fit, peanut butter and jelly, gin and juice, Bert and Ernie, and of course… European girls and facial cumshots. Well, maybe that last one isn’t exactly considered a classic, but up for review today is the website Euro Babe Facials, and I’ve always been a fan of combing genres that are already a good idea. This site of course features European girls giving heavenly blowjobs before having their faces plastered with jizz. This facial aspect of this site should already have people interested, obviously those who are a fan of the genre, but why does it matter if the girls are European? I’ve always had a thing for European girls, they have a bit of a different look to them, foxy accents, and they seem to be a bit more “nastier” if you will, besides, who doesn’t want to see their pretty faces get all shot up with cum?

Logging in to the members area, I found a very clean site that might have given the first impression of being generic or basic, but it didn’t take me long to see that there’s more to this members area than I had originally expected. On the home page you’ll the latest movies, and the highest rated models, they give you a link for each to see more. The home page is also where you are going to see the most advertisements on the site. There are separate pages for videos and photo sets, but you really only need to bother with the videos since the photo sets are related, and you’ll have access to them from the videos anyway. The video pages have everything you need for the scene, video of course, scene description, keyword tags, downloads, streaming video, and other member features. The updates are shown in the order they have been added to the site, but there are tabs above the scenes on each page that allow you to organize the scenes in different ways. What you’ll also find is a filter tab, I wouldn’t exactly call this an advanced search tool, but it’s the most useful tool on the site. This will allow you to filter by model, category tag, or by page. You can combine the models with the categories, but you can’t add in more categories. It may sound like like this features is useless, and it may be for some, but it’s still a step up from the keyword search - in fact I did a word search on a tag I knew already existed, and it found no results.

Even if Euro Babe Facials had the most advanced search and navigation tools you could think of, it really wouldn’t do you much good. There are only 44 scenes available, and when I would normally be saying that it’s a good thing to implement those advanced tools while they are still small and growing, this site has not had any new updates in almost a year. The earlier updates were coming in about every other week, then they got slower and more random, until finally they just stopped altogether. I don’t really know what the future holds for this site, but a year is a long time to take a break. Don’t let this be a deal breaker for you, 44 scenes is not great, but if you like this genre, you can still enjoy your time. Members of this site will have access to several bonus sites as well.

There might not be a whole lot of content here, but I was glad to see that what they do have is high in quality, and stays that way from the newest updates to the oldest. All videos here are available in great looking HD quality, and there are multiple options for downloading, including the option to download in one minute clips. If downloading isn’t really you’re thing, you just want to get right to the action, they also have a very good looking streaming version available. Like the videos, the photos are pretty much the same quality throughout the entire site. The images you’ll view in your browser are about average in size, there are multiple viewing options, including the option to start an automated slideshow that lets you determine the speed. Euro Babe Facials provides downloadable zip files in 2 versions, low res and high res, if you download the high res zip, this is where you are going to see the bigger and better looking photos.

Most sites have category tags for their scenes, and if you filter the scenes that are labeled as being facial/cumshot, your results may be hit or miss, they will pretty much put any scene in that category where the girl just happens to get cum on her face. A whole site dedicated to just facials should be a totally different story, but every now and then the facials are still disappointing for whatever reason, maybe the guy wasn’t able to produce, or the girl ended up dodging most of it. Here at Euro Babe Facials, I was really happy with the entertainment, I didn’t check out every single scene front to back, but the ones I did always had great blowjobs, and very impressive facials as well. It’s just so unfortunate that there was only a small sample size of scenes to really pump up this site. The members area worked very well, you’ll have all the tools you will need, and you’ll also get member features like commenting, rating scenes, and links to their social media connections. No new updates have been added in almost a year, don’t let that discourage you too much though, I think there’s enough here to entertain for a while, you will have access to several bonus sites, and we are offering our KellyFind users a discounted membership cost. Enter Euro Babe Facials.

Site review by: Tim

Bonus Sites you get with Euro Babe Facials

You get 3 sites when you join Euro Babe Facials

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    • Monthly: $19.95 - Recurs @ $19.95
    • 90 Days: $49.95 - Recurs @ $49.95
    • 180 Days: $79.95 - Recurs @ $79.95
    • Annually: $99.95 - Recurs @ $99.95
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    • Wet and Pissy 89.1
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    • Annually: $99.95 - Recurs @ $99.95
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