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The Upper Floor

The Upper Floor

Site Synopsis: Have you ever wondered what goes on at a real BDSM party, or how to get trained and into the lifestyle. This is the website The Upper Floor, this is a look into a different kind of club. This site illustrated real life BDSM as it is lived by slaves and masters. What's depicted here is a different kind of eroticism and you get to be in on everything, see what happens through live shows of training days, as well as archived material. The Upper Floor is an authentic BDSM community.



of 100

Video :89.4
Photo :90.0
E! :91.3
BFYB :88.5

IMPORTANT! Info you should know before joining The Upper Floor

Download Limit: There is no download limit.  -   Popup Windows: None.

  • Easy to cancel membership
  • Great customer service
  • No problems found

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Specs for The Upper Floor

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Site: The Upper Floor

Affiliate Program: Kinky Dollars

Date Reviewed: October 25, 2016

Primary Niche: BDSM

Secondary: Fetish, Hardcore

Our Score: 89.8 of 100


Photo Count (approximate):
516 photo sets with an average of 98 pics in each set. Total count approx~ 51,000 in the entire members area.

Image Size:

Large - 1201px (16.68in.) to 1800px (25in.)
Medium - 801px (11.13in.) to 1200px (16.67in.)

Image Quality: High

Download ZIP file option: YES


Video Count:
516 videos with an average running time of about 50mins per movie.

Format Data RateSize Downloads?
Flash Unknown 1280x720 No
MPEG-4 (.mp4) 5000 kbits 1280x720 Yes
Windows (.wmv) 3000 kbits 1280x720 Yes
  • New Updates: Unknown, No Regular Schedule
  • Exclusive Content: 100% Exclusive Content
  • 3rd Party Content: Live Cams and Advertisements
  • Other Extras: Search Options, Model Index, Social Media Connections, Commenting, and Rating / Voting
  • Site Launch Date: April 2009

Monthly: $39.99 - Recurs @ $39.99

3 Months: $69.99 - Recurs @ $69.99

6 Months: $117.99 - This is a non recurring membership.

Annually: $169.99 - This is a non recurring membership.

Payment Options:
Credit Card, ACH (Online Check), and Mail In

The Upper Floor Review & Scoring

To get a better understanding of how our scoring system works, plus tips on how to use our scoring options click here.

Video Score # 264 Video Site
Quality : 17.6 of 20
Quantity : 18.0 of 20
Frequency : 12.6 of 15
Format/Sizes : 13.5 of 15
Exclusivity : 10.0 of 10
Downloadability : 9.0 of 10
Streaming : 8.7 of 10
Sub-Total : 89.4 of 100


  • All videos are available in HD quality.
  • There are multiple options for downloading videos, and a streaming version as well.
  • There are plenty of videos to keep anyone busy for quite a while.


  • New video updates can take a while to come in.
  • Currently there's no consistent schedule for new videos.
Photo Score # 209 Photo Site
Quality : 18.0 of 20
Quantity : 18.0 of 20
Frequency : 12.6 of 15
Sizes : 13.5 of 15
Exclusivity : 15.0 of 15
Downloadability : 12.9 of 15
Sub-Total : 90.0 of 100


  • I thought the photos looked great, very well shot.
  • This site contains a strong collection of photo sets.
  • To keep these images for your own collection, they do offer downloadable zip files.


  • Some of the images are screen caps of the videos.
  • New photo updates are inconsistent, and can take a while to come in.
Entertainment Score # 18 E! Site
Performance : 23.5 of 25
Execution : 23.3 of 25
Originality : 18.6 of 20
Navigation/Search : 17.2 of 20
Design : 8.7 of 10
Sub-Total : 91.3 of 100


  • The content here is very unique, quite intense as well.
  • I think the execution of this material is great, these scenes have a lot of production value.


  • There are a few navigation tools, but I'd like to see them add something more advanced.
Bang for your Buck # 361 BFYB Site
Overall Value : 88.5 of 100


  • There's a great number of scenes to keep you quite busy.
  • I think this original and unique content adds to its value.


  • I think it's worth it, but the asking price is on the high end.
  • Membership Options
  • Monthly: $39.99 - Recurs @ $39.99
  • 3 Months: $69.99 - Recurs @ $69.99
  • 6 Months: $117.99 This is a non recurring membership.
  • Annually: $169.99 This is a non recurring membership.
The Upper Floor Final Score
Learn more about our scoring system here. # 163 Overall Site
Video Content: (weight = 25% of score) 22.35 of 25
Photo Content: ( weight = 25% of score) 22.50 of 25
Entertainment Value: ( weight = 25% of score) 22.81 of 25
Bang for your buck: ( weight = 25% of score) 22.13 of 25
Total: 89.8 of 100
The Upper Floor



of 100

Our Opinion

Whenever I go on vacation I always ask for the top floor of the hotel I’ll be staying at, it’s not because I want to feel superior, but let’s face it, the view is usually better and you don’t have to worry about the troupe of clog dancers who might be staying in the room above yours. Usually I never end up getting the top floor, it almost makes me wonder what kind of cool things are going on up there. It's no secret that there are plenty of people out there who live alternative lifestyles, how much of an alternate lifestyle depends on what you would consider it. Some men may decide to wear panties under their regular clothes, and some have completely transformed themselves and live their lifestyle 24 hours a day. Today I will be reviewing the website The Upper Floor, to put it plainly, The Upper Floor is actually the top floor of a building in San Francisco. This is sort of a community of masters and slaves who have committed themselves to living the BDSM lifestyle full time. This floor is also the place where the slaves get trained to obey their masters, and fulfill all of the deviant sexual needs of anyone on this upper floor. We are allowed into this community, and we will get to see first hand what a real BDSM lifestyle is like. I'm looking forward to this review, I think the concept for this site is pretty unique.

I'm normally pretty picky when it comes to a site set up, along with its navigation tools. It's not so much that I need the design to be award winning or anything like that, I'd just like it to make sense, be somewhat easy to navigate, without too many distractions or useless features. Logging in to The Upper Floor, I found a members area that looked pretty decent, it's not overly designed at all, but there were a few advertisements, they were kept near the bottom, so not really distracting. The scenes are shown in the order that they have been added, and there are a couple of different ways to sort those updates. One of the available drop down menus does give you some options for sorting the updates using categories, which is probably going to be your most useful navigation tool. You can also search the site using the model search, but depending on if you know who you are looking for, it might not be all that helpful. Overall I thought navigation was just ok, I'd prefer a more advanced search tool, or some other features to help get around, but this isn't a deal breaker for me, I just seemed to spend more time hitting the back button more than I was wanting to. Other member features do include rating scenes, commenting, and good scene descriptions.

One of the reasons I was hoping for more useful search tools is because The Upper Floor has a pretty healthy collection of scenes. At the time of this review there were over 516 updates, with new scenes coming in at a decent rate, but lately they have strayed from their once a week schedule, which was very consistent for a long time. The updates are mostly regular scene additions, and then about once or twice a month they add a "featured" shoot. To be honest, I'm not really sure what the difference is between a featured shoot, and a regular shoot. I've tried comparing them, I didn't see anything that really stuck out to me. If the featured shoot is explained somewhere, I must have missed it. I was glad to see that they had such a strong collection, and that the updates come in regularly. This kind of content looks like it can get pretty complex at times, but I guess when you are living that lifestyle 24/7, there's not a whole lot of set up going on, it would be like someone sticking a camera in your house and just telling you to do what you normally do.

Something else I was really glad to see was that all of these videos scenes are available in HD quality, and I thought they looked great. You'll find several options for the videos, the easiest and first thing you see will be the streaming version, and there are several levels of quality that you can choose from. You will also find several options for video downloads, these include format, and quality variations. You can also choose between downloading the full movie, and/or just parts. Overall I think they provide us with pretty much everything we need for taking care of the videos. The photos looked very good in my opinion, you can choose between viewing the medium version, or a larger version. Both look great, obviously the bigger option will be better. You'll also find a downloadable zip file for those who'd like to keep these for their own collection. There were a couple of things about the photos that weren't so great, the first one being that some scenes don't have actual photos, they are updated with screen caps - which actually don't look bad at all. I was also looking for more viewing options for photos, at this time it looks like your only option is to open each photo individually.

I can honestly say that BDSM is not really my thing, it's not that I don't appreciate it, but for my own personal preferences, it would be something I could easily skip over if it wasn't my job to get into these kinds of things. That being said, I really did enjoy reviewing The Upper Floor, for me it just had a different vibe about it, maybe it's because the updates did feel like real life instead of just a manufactured scene, I like the whole community thing as well. I felt like The Upper Floor did not really disappoint me all that much in any way, although I couldn't score extremely high in every category, I think they reviewed very well. Probably my biggest issue would just be that navigation could be streamlined a bit more. One other thing to consider is price, you are getting a lot for your money, but the price point is certainly on the high end of what I consider normal these days. Overall though, I'm very happy with this site, if this kind of genre is up your alley, I don't think it will disappoint you either. Enter The Upper Floor.

Site review by: Tim

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