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ALS Scan

ALS Scan

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Site Synopsis: ALS Scan is a website featuring girls who are all completely shaved. ALS = All Ladies Shaved. This site is really straight forward when it comes to content, all of the girls are definitely shaved. Featuring some of the hottest young ladies in porn, along with a number of first time amateurs in all kinds of dirty action. From solo object insertions to girl on girl fisting their tight teen pussies, even hardcore guy/girl fucking, it's all here at ALSScan! This site has allowed us to offer a discounted membership cost.



of 100

Video :91.4
Photo :92.4
E! :88.1
BFYB :88.5

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Specs for ALS Scan

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Site: ALS Scan

Affiliate Program: MetArt Money

Date Reviewed: March 3, 2016

Primary Niche: Amateur Girls

Secondary: Lesbians, Young Women, Shaved Girls

Our Score: 90.1 of 100


Photo Count (approximate):
2,560 photo sets with an average of 200 pics in each set. Total count approx~ 512,000 in the entire members area.

Image Size:

Extra Large - 1801px (25.01in.) or more
Large - 1201px (16.68in.) to 1800px (25in.)
Medium - 801px (11.13in.) to 1200px (16.67in.)

Image Quality: High

Download ZIP file option: YES


Video Count:
2,143 videos with an average running time of about 20mins per movie.

Format Data RateSize Downloads?
AVI (.avi) 4500 kbits 1280x720 Yes
Flash Unknown 1920x1080 No
MPEG-4 (.mp4) 20000 kbits 3840x2160 Yes
Windows (.wmv) 7839 kbits 1280x720 Yes
  • New Updates: Everyday
  • Exclusive Content: 100% Exclusive Content
  • 3rd Party Content: Live Cams and Blog
  • Other Extras: Advanced Search, Model Index, Favorites, Rating / Voting, and Commenting
  • Site Launch Date: January 2004

Save 33% $29.95 - Recurs @ $24.95   Our price $19.99 - Recurs @ $19.99

$29.99 - Non-recurring

$99.99 - Recurs @ $99.99

Payment Options:
Credit Card, Mail In, Fax, and 900 Number

ALS Scan Review & Scoring

To get a better understanding of how our scoring system works, plus tips on how to use our scoring options click here.

Video Score # 52 Video Site
Quality : 18.6 of 20
Quantity : 18.4 of 20
Frequency : 13.4 of 15
Format/Sizes : 13.2 of 15
Exclusivity : 10.0 of 10
Downloadability : 8.8 of 10
Streaming : 9.0 of 10
Sub-Total : 91.4 of 100


  • Some videos are now being added in awesome looking 4K Ultra HD.
  • New video updates come in multiple times per week, adding to an already large collection.
  • There are multiple downloading options, and a streaming video as well.


  • I'd like to see them add scene descriptions for the videos.
  • As you get into the older video updates, expect there to be a drop in quality.
Photo Score # 57 Photo Site
Quality : 18.2 of 20
Quantity : 18.2 of 20
Frequency : 13.5 of 15
Sizes : 14.0 of 15
Exclusivity : 15.0 of 15
Downloadability : 13.5 of 15
Sub-Total : 92.4 of 100


  • I thought the photos looked great, they are very big as well.
  • ALS Scan offers 3 downloadable zip options.
  • There are multiple viewing options, including an auto playing slideshow.


  • At times the largest photos can look a bit grainy.
Entertainment Score # 317 E! Site
Performance : 22.0 of 25
Execution : 22.0 of 25
Originality : 17.4 of 20
Navigation/Search : 18.0 of 20
Design : 8.7 of 10
Sub-Total : 88.1 of 100


  • This site is full of hot young girls, and they are all shaved!
  • I liked the variety of content, you will even find hardcore fucking as well.
  • There are multiple navigation tools, including an advanced search.


  • This site doesn't offer much personality, there are no scene descriptions, and no info about the models.
  • To find the archived photos and videos, you'll need to use the advanced search.
Bang for your Buck # 350 BFYB Site
Overall Value : 88.5 of 100


  • Our KellyFind readers can take advantage of a specially discounted join cost.
  • There's a large collection of content here, new updates come in daily.


  • If you'd like to access the other network sites, you will need to upgrade your membership.
  • Membership Options
  • Monthly: $29.95 - Recurs @ $24.95

    Our price $19.99 - Recurs @ $19.99

  • Monthly: $29.99 Non-recurring
  • Annually: $99.99 - Recurs @ $99.99
ALS Scan Final Score
Learn more about our scoring system here. # 122 Overall Site
Video Content: (weight = 25% of score) 22.84 of 25
Photo Content: ( weight = 25% of score) 23.09 of 25
Entertainment Value: ( weight = 25% of score) 22.03 of 25
Bang for your buck: ( weight = 25% of score) 22.13 of 25
Total: 90.1 of 100
ALS Scan



of 100

Our Opinion

When it comes to ladies grooming habits, in reference to their genital area, they have pretty much all of the options you can think of. They can go all natural and keep a bushy bush, they can do a bit of trimming, maybe a cute little triangle or landing strip, and of course some girls go all the way and shave completely bare. Although there are some fetish sites for all natural hairy girls, usually finding completely shaved girls is hit or miss, it is popular but you might have to find a category tagged just for shaved. Today I will be reviewing the website ALS Scan, the ALS stands for All Ladies Shaved, yes, this is a whole site devoted to those cute young gals who like to keep their pussies smooth and bare. Shaved ladies is the main theme here, but in regards to what kind of content this is, the good news is that it’s a bit of just about everything. You’ll find solo modeling, masturbation, public nudity, girl on girl lesbian action, and even boy/girl hardcore sucking and fucking - some scenes even feature multiple partners. The models here mostly appear to be European, but they do feature girls from around the world as well. I’ve reviewed ALS Scan before, I’m looking forward to logging in and seeing what’s new.

When I logged in to the members area, I found a nice looking, clean site - I guess that makes sense when your content consists of cleanly shaven girls. The home page will show you what has been going on lately with the site, you’ll find latest updates, latest movies (which is a little redundant), a collection of some of the models, and a couple of other features. The updates page will show you everything the site has to offer, this includes photo sets and videos - which are not related. The updates are shown in the order they have been added, from newest to oldest, there’s usually about 2 months of updates per page, but instead of having numeric pages that you can move back and forth through, they have months and years that you can choose from. Most people are used to just going page by page, but I think this is a good combination of pages, and a calendar archive. They do have separate movies and photos sections, but you will only get a portion of the material, in this case they actually do have pages, the photos only go back 10 pages, and the movies 20. If you would really prefer to only check out the movies or the photos, but want to go back further than what these sections offer, head over to the advanced search and you can specify to view each separately, applying the filter will give you every update in that particular category. There is a model index but they don’t really give us much info about the girls, just links to whatever updates they are featured in. You’ll also find a keyword search, and the scenes do have category tags.

The oldest update I found was from early 2005, so ALS Scan has been at it for quite a while. Of course it makes a huge difference in what we can expect for content numbers depending on what kind of update schedule they have maintained. The great news is that they’ve really kept things moving along pretty quickly. At the time of this review there were 2560 Photo sets, and 2143 videos, again, the photos and videos are not related, so these are individual, unique updates, and not just a video scene with an accompanying photo set. Looking through the years they have gone through a few stages of update schedule, but currently they are adding something new every day, and occasionally you will see more than one update in a day. ALS Scan does not include any bonus sites, but if you’d like access the sites that are related, you can always upgrade your membership.

There are some sites out there who will go back through their collection of content and update the specs to something more in line with what current quality is, but from what I’ve seen, it’s not all that common. Here at ALS Scan, it doesn’t appear that they’ve gone back and changed anything, and for a site that has been updating for as long as this one has, it could really raise some questions about what kind of quality you will find with the older material. What’s interesting though, is that although the quality does lower with the older content, it’s still pretty damn good, better than expected. Currently, this site is updating with some great looking HD quality videos, and on top of that, occasionally they will have videos in awesome looking 4K Ultra HD. You’ll find multiple options for downloading videos, and they have a great looking streaming version as well. As expected, the photos look great here as well, they are well shot, the largest size offered is very large, but they also have smaller, more manageable sized images to check out. There are a few options for viewing photos, including an auto playing slideshow, and if you’d like to keep these for your own collection, they give us 3 options for downloadable zip files, a low, medium, and high.

ALS Scan features a lot of beautiful young women, as I mentioned before, they do seem to mostly be from Europe, but using their advanced search I was able to see that they have plenty of girls from other countries, and of ethnicities other than white. I thought this site was really good entertainment, there’s a wide variety of action as well, probably solo modeling and masturbating make up the bulk of the content, but there’s still plenty of girl/girl, and guy/girl as well. I thought the members area looked nice, it’s pretty straight forward and free from clutter. There are multiple member features like commenting, rating scenes, and adding to favorites. You’ll also find a keyword search, and category tags for all of the updates, if I have any issues with the category tags, it’s that members can add their own tags, which seems to sometimes lead to unnecessary tags. This site also features an advanced search feature, I’m always a sucker for one, I think this one could be a bit better though, there are some things that are a bit generic - for instance, you can choose between shaved, trimmed, or not trimmed… well all the girls here are shaved, so there’s no sense in needing that as an advanced search option. There is plenty of content here to keep you busy for quite a while, and new updates are coming in every day. Just to put a cherry on top of that, ALS Scan is allowing us to offer our KellyFind users a discounted membership cost. Enter ALS Scan.

Site review by: Tim

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