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Fuck The Geek (3 bonus sites)

Fuck The Geek

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Site Synopsis: These women are insane, all they want to do is get in the pants of the geek behind the site. Nothing more nothing less, they can't control themselves. They want it they need it and they love the geek behind the computer for it. Don't get things wrong though, the geek loves it and he would never give this up. What did he do though to get all of this sweet wet pussy. He doesn't know and of course he doesn't care but they all want to fuck the hell out of him. join in and try to figure out his secrets as he fucks the hottest women from mature swingers to coed teens.



of 100

Video :88.9
Photo :91.3
E! :82.7
BFYB :88.7

IMPORTANT! Info you should know before joining Fuck The Geek

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Specs for Fuck The Geek

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Site: Fuck The Geek

Affiliate Program: ChickPass Cash

Date Reviewed: October 2, 2012

Primary Niche: Hardcore

Secondary: Young Women, Mature Women, Reality Porn

Our Score: 87.9 of 100


Photo Count (approximate):
538 photo sets with an average of 75 pics in each set. Total count approx~ 40,350 in the entire members area.

Image Size:

Large - 1201px (16.68in.) to 1800px (25in.)
Medium - 801px (11.13in.) to 1200px (16.67in.)
Small - 800px (11.11in.) or less

Image Quality: High and Medium

Download ZIP file option: YES


Video Count:
601 videos with an average running time of about 9mins per movie.

Format Data RateSize Downloads?
Flash Unknown x No
MPEG-4 (.mp4) 1630 kbits 640x480 Yes
MPEG-4 (.mp4) 1630 kbits 854x480 Yes
QuickTime (.mov) 335 kbits 480x360 Yes
Windows (.wmv) Unknown 480x360 Yes
Windows (.wmv) Unknown 640x480 Yes
Windows (.wmv) Unknown 854x480 Yes
Windows (.wmv) Unknown 1920x1080 Yes
  • New Updates: 5 to 6 Times a Month
  • Exclusive Content: 100% Exclusive Content
  • 3rd Party Content: Live Cams
  • Other Extras: Twitter Feed, Store, Bonus Videos, Bonus Sites, and Blog
  • Included with Membership: 3 other sites

Monthly: Save 28% $24.95 - Recurs @ $24.95   Our price $17.95 - Recurs @ $17.95

Monthly: $24.95 - GX900 Service

3 Months: $39.95 - Recurs @ $39.95

Annually: $69.95

Payment Options:
Credit Card, ACH (Online Check), and Phone Charge

Fuck The Geek Review & Scoring

To get a better understanding of how our scoring system works, plus tips on how to use our scoring options click here.

Video Score # 347 Video Site
Quality : 16.6 of 20
Quantity : 18.0 of 20
Frequency : 13.5 of 15
Format/Sizes : 12.8 of 15
Exclusivity : 10.0 of 10
Downloadability : 10.0 of 10
Streaming : 8.0 of 10
Sub-Total : 88.9 of 100


  • Fuck The Geek gives several options for downloading the video content.
  • Video is sometimes segmented allowing for easier download.


  • Fuck The Geek does not always allow for a full scene download which would be nice.
  • Streaming is done in a different window with a basic viewer.
  • Some video at Fuck The Geek leaves a lot to be desired quality wise.
Photo Score # 110 Photo Site
Quality : 18.0 of 20
Quantity : 17.8 of 20
Frequency : 13.5 of 15
Sizes : 12.0 of 15
Exclusivity : 15.0 of 15
Downloadability : 15.0 of 15
Sub-Total : 91.3 of 100


  • Photos are of very good quality for an amateur site.
  • Photos have very little compression which allows a detailed high fidelity photo.


  • Some photos are a little on the small side.
  • Slideshow even though it is called a slide show is not really it is only a navigation option.
Entertainment Score # 833 E! Site
Performance : 21.8 of 25
Execution : 21.3 of 25
Originality : 16.0 of 20
Navigation/Search : 15.6 of 20
Design : 8.1 of 10
Sub-Total : 82.7 of 100


  • lots of content makes for a bunch of choice in choosing your favorite scenes.
  • Additional blog, DVD, twitter feeds and other content make the site a little more enjoyable.
  • Photo and video updates are not always of the same scene allowing you to view more original content.


  • Implied fantasy of Fuck The Geek is nonexistent.
  • Navigation especially back and forth between video and photo updates is a little confusing.
Bang for your Buck # 313 BFYB Site
Overall Value : 88.7 of 100


  • Kellyfind discount makes this site monthly fee well below the average of most porn sites.
  • Content level for Fuck The Geek is very high.


  • None Found
  • Membership Options
  • Monthly: $24.95 - Recurs @ $24.95

    Our price $17.95 - Recurs @ $17.95

  • Monthly: $24.95 GX900 Service
  • 3 Months: $39.95 - Recurs @ $39.95
  • Annually: $69.95
Fuck The Geek Final Score
Learn more about our scoring system here. # 420 Overall Site
Video Content: (weight = 25% of score) 22.21 of 25
Photo Content: ( weight = 25% of score) 22.83 of 25
Entertainment Value: ( weight = 25% of score) 20.67 of 25
Bang for your buck: ( weight = 25% of score) 22.18 of 25
Total: 87.9 of 100
Fuck The Geek



of 100

Our Opinion

Fuck the geek is a site with a premise that any computer porn aficionado could love. Heck it could be them that is the geek getting screwed by all of these beautiful women. The premise is really quite interesting, However, there is a small issue with this site that makes it less of a good fantasy. The Geek in question is Logan who is also the site creator, sure he is a geek but he is in the business and has these women going through the offices. For me it kind of kills the fantasy that the site name promotes as “Fuck The Geek” while yes the geek of the site gets fucked it is only this geek that is in a position to be fucked. With the site name I was expecting random geeks being fucked by beautiful women.. If you are a geek that would be a good fantasy site.. Seeing one lucky guy who is in a position to be fucked by these women kills the fantasy.

Aside from the let down as far as the fantasy level of the site it does have some good content and quite a bit of it. The interface for Fuck The Geek is very simple and has a beginning site sort of feel to it. Fuck The Geek is part of the larger ChickPass network so it does offer some content from other bonus sites from the network. I mention that partially because as I searched through the thumbnails for the scenes and pictures I found that Fuck The Geek includes scenes from these other sites as long as they have Logan in them. This is the women fuck Logan site for the network.

When you do first enter the site it takes you directly to the video thumbnail section for the site on this page you have many, many, pages of content in update all listed in update order with a small description of the site. You can also choose to go to the photos listing as well from this page which is very similar in style. Actually too similar as you really have no judgment as to if you are on the video or photo pages. This is actually is amplified a bit as the site uses standard links for navigation which under most browsers change the colors of the links making it difficult to tell which page of updates you are actually on.

When you do decide on a video scene to view you are taken to a page that does not have any integrated viewing system. This page has all of the links for downloading and streaming. When chosen the streamed video opens in a new window with a video player with standard controls. On the photo pages you are shown all of the thumbnail images for the complete photo set. On this page you are able to select to view a large or small image that opens in a new page or click on slideshow which takes you to a page with the photo along with navigation previous and next links. This does not allow for a full timed slideshow but does allow for navigation through the photos.

The content on the site is of the amateur level of quality which falls right in line with the overall style of the site. The photos and video are of good quality, better than you might expect at an amateur site. The performers (girls) are sexy and enjoy what they are doing. Personally I got a little bored with the fact that it is always only Logan getting fucked but that goes back to that whole fantasy thing. Some of the scenes that are group sex which are normally from other sites but include Logan in them are a lot more interesting.

Overall the site is good but a bit of a letdown on the premise. The video is good amateur and the photos are of high quality. If you are looking for a site with some good hardcore amateur fucking then this site would do you well, however, if you are looking for something with a little more fantasy as the title loosely suggests then you will probably be disappointed.
Enter Fuck The Geek.

Site review by: Brion

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    • Annually: $69.95 - Recurs @ $69.95
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